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This week, Christians across the world observed Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, a time to prepare for Christ’s death and resurrection by recognizing and reflecting upon our own sinful natures and mortality. The ashes typically applied to our foreheads in the sign of the cross are a physical reminder of this, and of the solemn admonition from the Bible’s first book that we are dust — and to dust we shall return.

If I may venture downwards, from the sacred to the secular, this Lenten solemnity seems apposite when considering the future of the Republican Party, as many…

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Thomas Sowell reached his 90th birthday last year. An economist and syndicated columnist for decades, he has long been America’s most insightful public intellectual. Twitter has become a cancer on the body politic, and the reasons to avoid it grow exponentially every day, but if one good reason to be on it remains, it is to follow @ThomasSowell, an account dedicated entirely to sharing the voluminous bits of wisdom Sowell has offered his countrymen over the years, one tweet at a time.

As the second impeachment trial of Former-President Trump winds towards its conclusion, one of those bits of wisdom…

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I am glad that Donald Trump is gone.

Scratch that — I am relieved that Donald Trump is gone.

Gone from the White House and, more importantly, gone from Twitter.

He has been a tumor upon the body politic, steadily enlarging to the detriment of our civic health. For four years he has attacked our sanity and our feelings of kinship with one another, like cancer does healthy cells. Then, on January 6, the tumor metastasized beyond anything we could have anticipated: into the first armed insurrection to breach the doors of the U.S. Capitol since the War of 1812.

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Anger is often the voice that despair expresses itself in. So it was with me as I watched Donald Trump canter his way to the Republican nomination four and a half years ago. On Facebook, on Twitter, to people I had known all my life: anger was the voice I expressed my deepening despair with — overwhelmed, as I was, seeing so many of the convictions I’d held for all of my adult life being stripped bare — left for dead as shriveled, naked delusions.

Before then, I was a Republican and a conservative because it was those two overlapping…

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We don’t yet have a President Biden (we don’t even have a President Trump who can admit that we’ll eventually have a President Biden), but we do have the first controversy of the Biden presidency (such is our state of partisanship that partisan controversies now shatter the space-time continuum).

Senator Elizabeth Warren, once rumored as Biden’s Secretary of the Treasury to-be, has renewed her call to retire federal student debt:

Biden has indicated he supports forgiving student loans to some extent, while Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer believes that extent is not extensive enough , and that as president…

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I had my election response piece all written. The conclusion was foregone that Joe Biden would win and win convincingly. With him would come increased Democratic majorities in the House and a new Democratic majority in the Senate. …

The Mirror of Erised (Wikipedia Commons)

He had stumbled upon it quite accidentally, plunging into the room it called home simply to escape the remorseless and unyielding Filch. Now Harry Potter was back for another evening — quite deliberately this time — gazing into it, unblinking, transfixed, mystified.

Of all the wonders he had discovered in his new life as a wizard, this was the most mystifyingly wonderful: his parents, killed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named so many years ago, standing now before him.

The Potters smiled and waved at Harry and he stared hungrily back at them, his hands pressed flat against the glass as though he was…

Napoleon After His Abdication in 1814 by Paul Delaroche (Wikipedia Commons)

It was a humiliating end for an erstwhile colossus. At his apogee, he had ruled lands from the eastern borders of present-day Poland, to the pyramids of Egypt, to a litany of lucrative spice islands in the Caribbean. He had restored stability to a nation plagued by terror and chaos, confounded empires, and redefined the parameters of military strategy. He had seemed destined to ascend into stratospheres occupied only by his two heroes, Alexander the Great and Caesar.

But that was then, and this was now.

Now, on his death bed, he was exiled on a lonely rock in the…

In the spring of 1789 the United States had just ratified the Constitution and elected its first president, George Washington. When both houses of Congress sat down to discuss the presidency they immediately found themselves confounded as to what the president’s title should be. The House of Representatives — the house closest to the people — felt that it should be humble and republican, as befitting a country that had just won its independence from an overbearing king. Their proposal would accordingly be austere, simple, non-prepossessing: “Mr. President.”

Vice President John Adams, presiding officer in the Senate, had a different…

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If we were purposefully looking for an action that physically represents this golden age of anti-discourse, we couldn’t have picked a better one than the on-again, off-again Queen of Hearts routine to which we subject our republic’s statuary.

As it is our reflexive habit to jump to our battle-stations behind our keyboards and smart-phones at every new controversy, and from there to “own” or “destroy” the enemy combatants in the other tribe, so then must it be a logical corollary to topple the graven likenesses of those in the “Patriarchy of Pale Penis People” from years past, whose systemic oppressions…

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Middle School Humanities Teacher. Moonlight History Writer. Conservatarian/Coolidge Republican Cultural & Political Commentator.

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